Every school district, every student, can be served by high-quality talent

California Schools Talent Collaborative is bringing best-in-class staffing practices from high-volume Fortune 500 staffing industries to K-12 education, the largest employer in the nation. Find out how the Talent Collaborative can recruit, hire, train, and retain staff for your school, district, or community-based organization partners.

What We’re About

California Schools Talent Collaborative is an innovative approach to addressing staffing shortages. The initial concept was developed following the launch of California’s Expanded Learning Opportunities Program (ELO-P) in 2021, which provides $4 billion in new education funding and creates upwards of 150,000 new jobs serving students. While its initial focus is on meeting the demand for quality expanded learning and school intervention program staff, California Schools Talent Collaborative is also developing the capabilities to provide talent solutions for classified and certificated positions.

California Schools Talent Collaborative helps districts:

  • Augment internal recruitment and hiring efforts by leveraging technology and expert know-how
  • Lower hiring costs through economies of scale and operating efficiencies
  • Attract quality talent at scale through strategic partnerships with colleges, universities, AARP, workforce development boards and other groups
  • Support community partners in meeting their talent needs

California Schools Talent Collaborative is a staffing organization in the process of obtaining nonprofit status in California. Its operations are supported by Think Together, a California nonprofit and the state’s largest provider of expanded learning programs.


Competitive Pay

Career Growth

Purpose Driven Work

Entry level and part-time positions available

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